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(2 + 2: An Associate Degree in Fire Science plus 60 additional credit hours)

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Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration

In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

You must complete the following as requirements for your degree:


  AN ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN FIRE SCIENCE from an accredited institution.

Baccalaureate General Education Requirements

All students receiving a baccalaureate degree from UMA must satisfy the institution's baccalaureate general education requirements.  Those requirements are listed below.  The items marked with an * are satisfied as part of the upper division coursework listed on this checksheet.  Most students transferring a Computer Information Systems associate degree have satisfied the remaining requirements as part of the associate degree.  If you have not, then you must complete them before graduation.

_____________ ENG 101

*_____________ ENG 102W, 111W or 317W

_____________ 1 course in oral communication

*_____________ 1 lab science

*_____________ MAT 100 or higher

*_____________  _____________ 2 additional courses in math, natural science, or computer science

*_____________ 1 course in the Arts

*____________ 1 course in the Humanities

_____________ 1 course in Arts or Humanities

*____________  ____________ 2 courses in the Social Sciences

Writing Intensive Course

All students receiving a baccalaureate degree from UMA are required to take at least one writing intensive course. Writing intensive courses are marked with a W. Additional courses may also meet this requirement. Check with your academic advisor.

_____________ 1 writing intensive course

  ENGLISH (3 credit hours) Choose one of the following:
      _______________  ENG 111W: Journalism
      _______________  ENG 317W: Professional Writing
  FINE ARTS (3 credit hours)  Choose one of the following:
       _______________  ARH xxx: any art history course
       _______________  ART 211: Art Theory
       _______________  DRA 101: Introduction to Theatre
       _______________  DRA 265: The American Movie
       _______________  DRA 280: Introduction to Films
       _______________  INT 129: Understanding the Arts
       _______________  MUS 113: Music for Films, Television and Ads
       _______________  MUS 117: The Dream Machine: A History of Rock and Roll
       _______________  MUS 120: Listening to Orchestral Music
       _______________  MUS 123: Understanding Music
       _______________  MUS 124: Music of the Twentieth Century
       _______________  MUS 131: Survey of Jazz and Contemporary Music
       _______________  MUS 160: World Music
       _______________  MUS 180: Women and Music
       _______________  MUS 223: Music of the United States
       _______________  MUS 333: History and Literature of Music I
       _______________  MUS 334: History and Literature of Music II
  HUMANITIES (3 credit hours)
    _______________  HUM/POS 390: Survey of Political Theory
  MATHEMATICS (3 credit hours)
       _______________  MAT 115: Elementary Statistics I
  SCIENCE (4 credit hours)
       _______________  Any lab science
       _______________  Any 100 level CIS course
  SOCIAL SCIENCE (3 credit hours)
       _______________  ECO 201: Principles of Economics I (Macroeconomics)
  BUSINESS (6 credit hours)
       _______________  BUA 101: Financial Accounting for Decision Making
   and choose one of the following:
       _______________  BUA 211: Accounting for Management Decisions
       _______________  BUA 301: Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations (recommended)
  PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (33 credit hours)
     _______________  POS 101 American Government
    _______________  POS 102: Introduction to Politics and Government
    _______________  POS 260: Business and Public Policy
    _______________  POS 354: Public Budgeting and Financial Administration
    _______________  POS 358: Public Opinion
    _______________  POS 383: Survey of Constitutional Law
    _______________  POS 405: Administrative Law
    _______________  POS 487: Research Methods
    _______________  POS 488: Public Program Evaluation
   and choose one of the following:
    _______________  POS 223: Principles of Management
    _______________  POS 251: Public Administration
   and choose one of the following:
    _______________  POS 353: Administration of Public Personnel
    _______________  POS 361: Human Resource Management
   and choose one of the following:
    _______________  POS 103: State Government
    _______________  POS 233: American Local Government
    _______________  POS 234: American State and Local Government
Free Electives (as needed to complete 60 credit hours beyond the Associate Degree)

_____________           ______________             ________________

Students must take a minimum of 33 credit hours in Public Administration courses at UMA.  If one or more of the Public Administration courses listed above have already been taken, the student is expected to complete the 33 credit hours from the following:
    _______________  POS 261: Public Sector Labor and Employment Law
    _______________  POS 362: Labor Management Relations
    _______________  POS 365: Organizational Behavior
    _______________  POS 370: Municipal Administration
    _______________  POS 485: Municipal or State Internship
    _______________  IND 494: Independent Study in Public Administration

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Students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor and the Advising Center
for academic advising and support services throughout their stay at UMA.