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Certificate, FORENSIC SCIENCE - Scientific Focus
( 20 credit hours)
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This sheet is intended to be informational only.

Prior to taking these courses, a student should complete a student application form.

To assure success, students should fulfill the prerequisite course(s) before the requirements.


In effect for Students admitted to Fall 2008

  JUSTICE STUDIES(14 credit hours)  
       ______________  FOC 160: Introduction to Forensic Science
       ______________  BIO/FOC 360: Advanced Forensic Science I with lab (4 credits)
       ______________  BIO//FOC 361: Advanced Forensic Science II with lab (4 credits)
       ______________  JUS 121: Criminal Law
  And two of the following options:
       ______________  PHI 250: Ethics
       ______________  JUS 200: Principles of Investigations
       ______________  JUS 230: Traffic Accident Reconstruction
       ______________  JUS 341: Law of Criminal Evidence
       ______________  JUS/FOC/SSC 355: Methods of Investigative Inquiry

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