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Post Baccalaureate of Science - JUSTICE STUDIES

(30 credit hours)

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This sheet is intended to be informational only.
Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration

In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

You must complete the following as requirements for your degree:

Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in a different discipline

  POLITICAL SCIENCE (3 credit hours)
       _______________  POS 405: Administrative Law
  JUSTICE STUDIES (15 credit hours)
       _______________  JUS/BUA/POS 361: Human Resource Management
       _______________  JUS 363: Comparative International Justice Issues
       _______________  JUS 471: Judicial Process
       _______________  JUS 488: Senior Seminar
       _______________  JUS xxx: Any 300-400 level JUS course

Students who have completed any of the required courses listed above should substitute courses in the disciplines mentioned above, to equal 30 hours.

  SOCIAL SCIENCE ELECTIVES (12 credit hours of 300-400 level courses from the following disciplines: POS, PSY, SOC, SSC)
       _______________  XXX xxx:
       _______________  XXX xxx:
       _______________ XXX xxx:
       _______________  XXX xxx:

APPROVED TO RECEIVE DEGREE:  Post Baccalaureate of Science, Justice Studies
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Students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor and the Advising Center
for academic advising and support services throughout their stay at UMA.